Welcome to Our Site!
We are an African firm with a better understanding of the diverse landscape and potential growth areas in our country.
We truly, understand the South African first world reality in which our partners and professional staff have been educated and trained and its third world context.

18 years of experience

What We Do

We provide solutions driven service which are tailored for each individual client. Over the years we have built expertise and experience in the following legal divisions: Conveyancing, Corporate/Commercial, Labour, Litigation, Debt Collection & Alternate Dispute Resolutions

How We Do It

We strive to be always abreast with the latest information techology solutions and benchmark our services with the best.

What We Know

Our clients expect a value adding service and professional fees that are fair, and to provide the services professionally and with integrity.This is our ethos.

Online Service Technology (OST)

Always being in the forefront of technology, striving to provide our clients with the best legal services available and respecting our clients time and need for information we developed an Online Service Technology(OST).

OST is available

OST is also available upon request to other clients of ours whose legal case might be of high importance and due to time, location and/or travel constraints are unable to receive case information by traditional means (i.e. telephone, fax, e-mail).